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2009 Narraganett Tribe 334th Annual August Meeting (Powwow) DVD

  The 2009 Narragansett Indian Tribe  •  334th Annual August Meeting / Green Corn Thanksgiving DVD is now available for purchase.

This is one of our best yet! It includes 16:9 (widescreen) video of many of the songs and dances in their entirety, as well as a few segments featuring photographs from talented native photographers Charlene E. Harris (Mohegan) and Bobby Thunderhawk Jones (Narragansett). Enjoy simple interactive menus which include more outstanding photos and scene selections that allow you to jump right to your favorite parts! Also enjoy the newly designed cover art for a great new look.



 For a limited time only get a professional LightScribe image imprinted on your disc for an additional cost of only $3.00!


It takes longer to make these discs but the result is a beautiful greyscale image that gives the disc a collectible appeal to it. Because it takes longer to print, I am limiting availability of these discs to only 20 for now. First come, first served basis. I may choose to release more in the future, if demand is high enough. Act now and get yours with a LightScribe printed image disc for just $3 more!


 Video is approximately 1 hour.

Here is a sample of the video from this DVD. (Quality is reduced for web viewing.)


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