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Asco wequassin, netop! (Hello, my friend!)

I am called Jerred / Swift Cloud. I am a Narragansett tribal member. The Narragansett reservation is located in Southern Rhode Island. Although our tribal members generally live in RI and it's surrounding communities, some also live in other states and even in other countries, as well!

 I have been creating videos and DVDs since 2003 and look forward to making many more in the future. I originally started to create these videos for my family to keep in their archives, since there has not been many video documentaries available in the past. I feel that it is very important for us to record our social gatherings, powwows and public engagements with the surrounding community. As all "Indian" tribes in the United States, we are constantly struggling to preserve our culture, language and traditions. By recording some of these gatherings, we are able to look back and see our friends and relatives, and re-live some of the events of the past. I would like to thank all those who contribute their own photos and other content for many of my DVDs. I also owe a very special thanks to my wife Johnna - Pewasu for always being right there with me, and for taking most of the videography. If you wish to email me with any questions, please click here. --> send email

Taubotneanuwaiun kah wunne keesuk!

(Thank you, and good day to you all!) 

Other info:

This article appeared in the Washington Post after we attended the grand opening ceremonies for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian a few years back. Somebody interviewed me and put my name in the paper, lol.

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